Zombie Run Apocalypse

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Zombie Run Apocalypse is a free to play mobile game from Saby.Org and is available completely for free on your mobile Android devices, but it also has yet to be released on iOS. The aim of the game is simple, it’s an endless runner, so as the player you are expected to run as far as you can, and simply survive and get as far as possible, without becoming roadkill.

Just like with any good free mobile game/endless runner, you need decent and simple to learn controls that make the game incredibly easy to play, without making the difficulty of the game feel artificial. Thankfully, Zombie Run Apocalypse manages to do just that and regardless on whether or not you’ve played the game for an hour or just a few seconds, the controls are incredibly simple to get to grips with and you’ll have them down in absolutely no time whatsoever.

The gameplay is simple – you take control of a zombie trying to outrun some guy trying to run you over with his car; it’s nice to be on the zombie’s side of things for a change, that must be admitted. In front of the zombie is 3 different lanes, of which you can swipe in that direction to move from one lane to the other, trying to avoid obstacles and the like. At times you won’t be able to dodge out of the way, however, and will have to jump up and over an obstacle that comes your way. As with any endless runner, the general task is just to get as far as you can without dying and once you finally do get caught up, you’ll be treated to a score.

In terms of the aesthetics, the game has a rather cartoonish look to it that somehow makes the zombie that you’re controlling look relatively cute and harmless, which is an impressive feat when you remember that the fellow is a zombie. The world around you is a green, woodland area, and almost doesn’t look anything like a zombie apocalypse, and makes the world look somewhat more serene than you would originally anticipate, but the game manages to push it off with its rather simplistic visual style.

Overall, Zombie Run Apocalypse may not be doing anything that makes it wholly unique from other endless runners in the genre, but it definitely does manage to be a cute and quick title to play every now and again if you’ve got a few minutes to spare. After the first few runs you’re bound to get a sense of what the game is trying to do and that makes it all the more enjoyable, because at that point you’re going to be dashing through those woods like a pro – without the controls messing it up at any point for you!


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