Vehicle Ride Racing

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You have yourself a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. You’re sitting there bored and with nothing to do. You don’t have to be though. This is the digital age. The possibilities are endless. Why not play a game? No games aren’t just for kids. Millions of adults play video games every day and it helps them shed some stress. There are loads of Free Mobile Games around but not all of them are good. Some of them are just downright bad and crappy. Many are even malware in disguise. Let’s help you avoid that headache all because you wanted to play a game. Why not try Vehicle Ride Racing? It’s free and won’t cost you a cent.

A Combination of Speed and Fun

Vehicle Ride Racing – 3D Fast Car Driving is a new mobile game from GameNexx Games Inc. This simulation game aims to put you right into the driver’s seat. Ever wondered what it feels like to be speeding down a racetrack like there’s no tomorrow? Try out Vehicle Ride Racing and find out. You might be asking how that’s possible from a smartphone or tablet. Good question and let me tell you right now it is possible.
This game isn’t ugly. The colors are crisp, clear and vivid. The graphics are stellar for a mobile game and they immediately suck you in. You’ll feel a little young at heart again from the moment you start playing. In fact, why not have your kids try it out too? This game is rated ‘E’ for everyone. It’s a family oriented game so you won’t have to worry about the kids seeing stuff they shouldn’t.

Simply Addictive

People who’ve played Vehicle Ride Racing have found themselves hooked. You might have to set an alarm or something in order to remind yourself to stop. Many other competing mobile games pepper you with advertisements and pay walls. You don’t need to fork over any cash here folks. This game is absolutely free to try out and enjoy. Despite being a mobile game the cars handle well and you’ll still get a good arcade feel while playing it. Maybe it’s the realism? Maybe it’s just the design. Either way this game will make hours feel like seconds.

Realistic Design

This isn’t some toy car racing set you’re driving on when you install Vehicle Ride Racing. Tracks are designed with realism in mind so you get the same feeling of risk and adrenaline a true racer gets. There are loads of race tracks to try out and master. Each one has its own challenges and areas that test any driver’s skill. Take some time and try out each one! Not only that but the sound effects aim for realism as well. You won’t be graced with some weak sounding engine or barely audible tire screech. You’ll be treated to A-Class sound and game design.

Compete Head To Head

Do you want to show everyone you’re the best racer out there? Think about seeing your name up at the top of the leader board. The score no one can beat every time you load up the game. You can have that. Vehicle Ride Racing has live leader boards that are frequently updated. Your score and performance are recorded so if you’re the best, everyone else is sure to know. Go on and show off.

Variety Isn’t Lacking

Every car is distinct and different. You’ll be able to race a number of sports cars, each one unique and handled differently. With enough skill you can master each one and learn it inside out just like the pros do. Not only that but there’s customization as well. Paint your car or play around with its exterior. Why not put on a new shiny coat of your favorite color? You can upgrade that beast too. As you race and build up money you’ll be able to add vital upgrades that boost your speed, handling and other key areas.

Get Out There and Get Racing

Vehicle Ride Racing is one of the top Free Mobile Games out there. Remember, it’s absolutely free to try out too. You have nothing to lose and some good fun and enjoyment to gain. Go download it now and try it out yourself!


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