Vehicle Ride Racing

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Advancement in technology is revolutionizing every business field including the game industry. Sophistication of devices and integration of multiple services to enhance functions of these devices creates an opportunity for game developers. One of the major changes in the industry is the shift from desktop games to mobile games. Smartphones are now the focus of game developers. The portability and convenience of smartphones give a chance to developers to explore the industry further. To the game developers, portability means users are able to access the games anytime and anywhere so long as their device is powered.

About mobile games

Because of the lucrative nature of mobile phones in the industry, there are endless games running on different mobile platforms. Most of developers strive to integrate their products with the three popular mobile platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows. Increased number of developers and games on these platforms means stiff competition to attract users and achieve considerable number of downloads that can translate to revenue. Some developers choose to provide the games free to attract traffic to their sites and sell other products. Considering there are many options in whichever type of games, you should take advantage of the free games.

Vehicle Ride Racing-3D fast car driving is one of the free mobile games that should not miss in your tablet or smartphone.

Key features

The drift-based mechanics of the game make it fun and easy. The game runs on a new system with an attractive interface and advanced design; these two features distinguish it from other games of its class. If you prefer ultra-realism, this is for you. Every level comes with a new environment and design, which makes the game entertaining and fresh.

The game is based on these three elements; race fundamentals, drifting, and use of speed. As thrilling as it may be with new designs, most of the tracks will be familiar to you if you have played any racing game. It is a series game hence easy to familiarize with the maneuvers and tracks. At the start of the race, a player has an option of purchasing three load-out options as well as augmenting the cars. While the enhancements might not be appealing to simulator fans, nitros and other additions makes the game more entertaining and real. I mean, you can’t race without nitros on your car.

Other than the single race, which is similar to all other games, 3D fast car driving has a Grand Prix where players compete with each other against time through a local connection. The integration of games in competition through a local connection attributes to its popularity in mobile games market. Also, a player can race against CPU controlled cars basing on ghost data. While there is no online option for this case, which is often listed as a deficiency for the game, it still connects a player with friends using the same CPU version.


The ultimate to entertainment and fun with this mobile game is the 3D view. The extra depth on the screen blends in well with tracks that are illuminated on 3D. It is interesting to race on this platform because everything seems real. You can actually feel in a car and overtaking your competitor; literally turning your body when maneuvering the corners is also common when playing 3D fast car driving. Just like in real motor racing, you are provided with a map as a second screen to help you calculate speed and breaks as you strive for the first position. Unlike most racers where you only see the stretch to a certain level, the map guarantees stability and confidence as you speed.

The sound and music choice by the developer is suitable for racing; it does not distract you from the track and helps in relieving anxiety. When you are in the first position and racing against time, pressure builds and leads to toppling. However, this is not a worry because of the careful music choice by the developer. The graphics are also regulated to help you keep eyes on the track.

The game is entertaining and easy to advance the levels and unlock cars. However, it would have been better if developers included more cars and integrated an online map. Players will always want more.


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