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One of the newest freemium games on the market is Terracotta Slots. This is a game that allows you to play a unique series of slots with an ancient theme, while being accessible anywhere in the world from your mobile device. All it takes is a simple slide of the finger and you’ll be winning massive amounts of coins in no time.

Terracotta Slots is also designed to continue to evolve and improve as time passes. The app creator has promised that there will be continued updates to the device for an infinite amount of time. This will encourage users to go beyond just a few days of playing this slot and moving on to the next one. If you grow to love the gameplay that is found in Terracotta Slots, you will have a chance to watch the system grow and evolve. Best of all, regular bonus coins are rewarded to you. That means you don’t have to ever shell out any of your own money, just download the game and play it free and wait for your


semi regular bonus coins to come, if you should run out of them at any point.

However, this is a game that does offer tons of rewards to its players. You’ll find that you frequently hit high paying combos on the reels. That means you are set to enjoy countless hours of gameplay, while having access to some of the largest rewards that are found in any slot games that are available. In fact, you just might find that Terracotta Slots allows you to experience one of the most incredible experiences that you have ever had with a mobile slot machine app.

Visually, Terracotta Slots is also one of the better choices that is available on the market. You’ll note that this app doesn’t just have a few reels that turn. On the contrary, the designers of the game have taken the time to ensure that you are drawn into the experience from the start. There are fully animated sequences, and 3D effects that are designed to take the player and draw them into the game. As the reels spin and the animation sequences play out, you’ll find that your adrenaline levels increase with the ever rising bank balance you have. This is an experience that is one of a kind and you won’t have it when you download other cheap slot machine apps. This is pure excitement and one that continues with each time the spinning reels fly across the board.One of the nice things about this game, is not only is it designed for hours of fun, but there was a considerable investment made into the development of the graphics and performance. The app designer didn’t just toss some graphics and call it good. They hired experts in the industry to deliver the finest graphics available for an android device. Their development team then took the time to ensure that the gameplay was smooth and precise on your Android device. That means you can enjoy countless hours of gameplay from your phone, without there ever being any problems at all.


Those who love chips and coins with their games will also love Terracotta Slots. This game relies on it heavily and the animated design features images of coins on the screen. That means you’ll see all the golden coins that you’ve won appear on the screen and that makes it one of the most exciting options that you will have for a slot machine game.

Those who are passionate about building a treasure will find that there are countless hours to do just that. With the game evolving all the time, there are new ways for you to hit the jackpot and to draw in more coins in the process. Whether you are playing on the couch at night while you are watching television, or traveling in the passenger seat of the car, you’ll always have access to this incredible game and the vast amounts of treasure that you have had a chance to build.

Of course, no jackpot game is complete unless there is a mega jackpot for you to win! The makers of Terracotta Slots have taken the time to create the ultimate VIP experience. Players have a chance to win a massive jackpot that will allow them to take their slot playing experience to the next level. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Terracotta Slots has quickly become one of the most popular games in the Android store. To date, it has already exceeded an impressive 10,000 downloads and that number is expected to rise. As more people discover this game, you’ll have a chance to play alongside of them and watch as they discover just how impressive this game can be and you’ll both be able to experience the true thrill of Terracotta Slots and have the chance to talk about it for hours to come.
A user friendly design has also helped this to quickly become one of the best games on the market. Too often slot games take a complex design and attempt to introduce it to players who just want to experience the thrill of slot machines, without all the bells and whistles that can make the experience less than desirable.

Terracotta Slots does introduce an ancient Chinese experience for the game. The use of terracotta warriors are important, as it adds to the overall feeling that is had, along with the mystic land they come from. The oriental spinning wheel then draws users in so they have a chance to be transported in time to a world where these warriors were built with excellence in mind. Much like this app has been created.

Anyone who loves slots will find that this game is exactly what they have been looking for. Slot gameplay is addictive and stimulating. When it is executed properly, you have the chance to experience all the thrills and heart pounding excitement that is found in the traditional game, captured in a portable version for your cell phone. Terracotta Slots is one of those games, thanks to the attention to detail that the game’s manufacturer’s put into it. This isn’t a by the numbers copy and paste job that leaves players wondering why they downloaded another clone game. There is something authentic and exciting about Terracotta Slots that leaves players with a pounding in their chest and the chance to experience the true thrill that comes with playing one of the best slot machines to come out in recent years.Once you enter the casino for the first time, you’ll find it is a very different experience. With the huge payouts that tare there, you have the ability to adjust your bets to meet your needs as you play the game. This isn’t a game where you just click spin. It’s strategic, so you can maximum how much you earn. You can bet the bare minimum and pray that you don’t hit the jackpot at a low wager. Or you can throw caution to the wind and bet the max. As the reels spin and slam into place, you’ll feel your heart freeze for just a moment, before the overwhelming excitement of having the top win kicks in. This is similar to the experience you have when you stand in front of a slot machine in Las Vegas, but all from the comfort of your home.

Like many of the modern slot machines, you’ll notice that this game designed by casino experts has included a bonus wheel section to play. This is your chance to further increase just how much money you win while you are playing the game. As you spin the wheel, you have the potential to boost just how lucky you get and that can translate to larger wins that will keep a smile on your face and help you to ensure that you have a game that you will enjoy playing for hours to come, since there are variables in place, that go beyond the basic spinning of the reels.

All with stunning HD graphics, and state of the art sound effects that truly draw you into the game. This is a chance for you to actually feel like you are there among the terracotta warriors and experiencing the mysticism that surrounds this game. As you get lost here, you’ll realize that this is a true experience that goes beyond just playing slots and that will make it worth it. The oriental backdrops add to the authenticity of the game and the feeling like you are in an inviting place, and the casino action is something that is genuine. As you game with your incredible luck, you will no doubt wonder why it took you so long to find a game that has truly captured the real world look and feeling of slot machines on your mobile device. You might even decide that this is one game you won’t want to miss.

Perhaps most impressive about this app is that it won’t drain all of the memory on your device. While other casino apps take up considerable amounts of room on your phone due to excessive coding, the Terracotta Slots developers have done what they can to keep all of this at a minimum. The app is a small 22.4 megabytes. That means you only need a little room on your mobile device or table to play it. That leaves room for the other apps that you might play, music, and the countless pictures that you want to share with the world, all from a single device.

Once you get started, you’ll find that you do become addicted to the experience. It’s a simple and straightforward gameplay that continues to function as you would expect it to. Just keep tapping the reels and ensure that you are ready for the thrill when you win big. There is nothing more to learn and that makes it appropriate for people of all ages and those who might not have a lot of experience with a mobile device. It’s simple, straight forward and everyone from the beginning slot player to the seasoned professional will find that the one of a kind experience in this game is one of the best options that is available on the market.

Best of all, it is free. If you don’t want to spend any money on the game, you don’t have to. Just download it and play for hours without having to make a purchase. Of course, if you decide that you do want to invest in the game, there are several packages that range from .99 – $29.98 that will give you all kinds of additional coins so you don’t have to wait for your free round of coins to come in again. The choice is up to you, all you have to do is determine what approach you want to take to playing the game. When you consider that you could shell out the same amount as the top package at the casino and combine gas, time, and the expenses of buying drinks and other items, there is a good chance this will even save you some money, while you still have a chance to experience all the thrills that are associated with a slot machine.Just remember when you play Terracotta Slots, there are no limits on all the fun and excitement that you can have. This is your chance to experience all the incredible things that you love about slot machines, without ever having to step foot in a casino if that is what appeals to you. That makes this an incredible free mobile game.

Take a moment to consider downloading this incredible app today. You’ll find that it is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with a smile on your face for years to come. All while having an innovative design and constant updates to further expand on the experience that you will have when you play it. You just might find that it does become your go to game when you are looking to play something late at night before you fall asleep, or to help reduce your stress levels after you had a hard day at the office.

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