Soccer Stars – Play Soccer

Posted on by nexx

One of the most revolutionizing gameplay by combining three soccer games in one app. Where you can hit the goalies with a gigantic catapult or choose one of the 10 soccer pictures and play a classic nine-piece picture puzzle. Engaging and thrilling gameplay. It’s a mind-blowing game. I kind of got addicted to it. Gameplay is very smooth and graphics look attractive. All the three modes in the game have the different gameplay and I would say I love to see more modes in this game. The Game is very lite and ad management is really awesome only one ad at the bottom which will never interrupt your gameplay and gives you the spotless and happy gaming experience.

A great soccer game to pass the time, throw the ball game is really fun and got more and more thrilling at high difficulty levels. You have to beat the easy levels if you want to advance to the higher levels. Which looks very easy, but believe me it is not that easy which make this games one of the most challenging games available on the play store. There are very few games I left installed on my mobile but I think this will remain installed forever as I am playing this game while traveling, office breaks. I really would like to have music and sound in the game in the future updates. The game is available free to install and can be played without an internet connection what else you need. You can also click on more games and can access to their blog, where you will get an enormous information about gaming. Another cool feature is that game consume very less battery and you can play for a very long time, what else I can say one of the most challenging and amusing games available on the play store today. Share with your family and friends and I guaranteed they will really enjoy this amazing game.

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