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Poker is quite possibly the most renowned card game known to mankind, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a game that requires both luck and skill, all the while making sure that the player is brave enough to push on when they need to, and call it quits when necessary. Popular Poker Classic is designed to re imagine this idea, by making it fun and enjoyable; not only to look at, but to play as well; with a few extra additions for good measure.

Obviously, what you’ll be getting the most out of this game is pure poker, but at a level anyone, regardless of whether they’re a beginner or a returning veteran, just off the plane from their latest poker tournament. While it does play exactly like you would expect in poker, it does have some extra additions to make newer players have an easier time with the experience, to make sure everyone is getting a fair chance.

To keep things nice and simple for the player, it’s designed in such a way that whenever you receive your first hand, you’ll be told and shown what your best winning hand is; whether that’s a simple pair or even a royal flush. The game is designed to keep you updated on your cards, and that whenever an opportunity comes knocking to make your winning hand just that little bit better, the system will make sure to let you know that’s exactly what you have. This gives a chance for veteran players to play as they normally would, without the system getting in the way, but beginners who may not know the rules won’t be sat there, staring at their screen, wondering what in the world is going on right now.

On top of all that, Popular Poker Classic has been designed in such a way that even the interface itself, regardless of whether you’re at the main menu or in a game is as a simple and well-designed as it can be. All I can say other than this is that the interface is a friendly one, that’s for sure!

If you’ve played other poker games on your mobile device, then you’ve seen just how lacklustre some of the graphics and visuals can be. Even though it may not be a super important part of the game; if you’ve got yourself a good few rounds of poker going on, the last thing you want to be staring at is some seriously dull aesthetics. Popular Poker Classic makes sure that this isn’t the case, and treats you – the player – to a cavalcade of lovely animations and visuals to keep yourself experiencing some unique graphics.

I would even go as far to say that the whole experience when you first load up the game has the same sort of environment and atmosphere as that of a high-stakes casino in the middle of Las Vegas. Popular Poker Classic really does give that feeling and isn’t one of those feelings that’s easy to come by or shake off.

When you play the game for the first time, you will be treated to a whopping “500” free credits for you to play with and bet to your hearts content. However, if you’d rather bet big and dangerous, all for that exponential win at the end of it all, then you a more than allowed to do such a thing. You play exactly how you like, whether that’s counting each and every single penny, to the incredibly risky, yet satisfying all-ins.

If you’re someone who prefers playing up against a dealer, rather than other players, then you are most assuredly in luck here. As with Popular Poker Classic you’ll be tasked with going up against the dealer of the house, and they’re considerably more lenient than any other casino when you test out your card counting skills. While it may be frowned upon and even illegal in other casinos, but here, you can do it as much as you like, and practice as much as you like, without anything negative happening even in the slightest.

My favourite part about Popular Poker Classic is that even though you might have to spend hundreds or even thousands in a real life casino, in this instance you don’t have to spend a single penny. The fun and risk is brought to you all completely for free, without needing a single notion or moment to spend a dime. You have the opportunity to win big, without spending anything more than your time! Now that’s what I call a good deal!

Every now and again, you might end up being subjected to a losing streak, which can all be down to your luck on that particular day. If your luck isn’t prevailing today, and you’re met with loss after loss, you’ll be happy to know that the money you’re playing for is purely in the game, so even a major loss doesn’t mean you’re missing out in your pocket. Yet, if you manage to turn your luck around and completely destroy the dealer in little more than a few rounds, you can proceed to burst out into laughter or dance, all to celebrate your victory, without anyone watching or judging you.

Overall, Popular Poker Classic has so much to offer for both beginners and veterans of the poker scene. No matter how much or little time you’ve spent playing poker in your life; the game will do everything in its power to make sure that you’re successful against the house. Advantages you take on against the game, such as card counting is completely legal, and allows for a more difficult, but rewarding way to play poker in ways that you can’t normally do. Combine all this with a number of other features, such as the atmosphere of the game itself feeling like you’re in front of a casino table

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