Pokémon Quest is Now Available on iOS and Android

Posted on by nexx

For the better part of almost a month now, Nintendo Switch players had the opportunity to sink their teeth into a new Pokémon IP, Pokémon Quest. In gaming news, this title has made it onto Android and iOS, making it a brand-new free mobile game for players all around the world to enjoy. The game is designed to be a casual affair, so anyone can simply pick it up and have some fun.

Players are tasked with collecting Pokémon, levelling them up, and taking them out into the field to find some stones, which will allow them to be powered up even more. The gameplay has the player commanding when their party of 3 Pokémon can attack or dodge, and that sort of thing. It only takes a few taps on your screen to get the Pokémon to do a special move and is very simple for the casual player to just pick up and play and not have to worry about getting confused.

The art style seems to have gone for a softer, blocky version of Minecraft’s visuals and somehow makes the already cute Pokémon that much more adorable. While the environments aren’t overly complex, the visuals of them in general make for an exciting and cutesy world to be a part of from the very offset.

Video game reviews have typically given the game between 3-4 stars out of 5 and has been a pretty consistent hit with casual fans of mobile gaming and the Pokémon franchise as a whole. Even though the critics aren’t given the game the highest praise across the board, for the most part Pokémon Quest is quite a fun and enjoyable enterprise, even if it is for a few minutes every day.

Pokémon Quest prides itself on doing what it can to not become pay to win, but that’s only avoided by so much with the energy system that does sometimes get in the way. Despite this, people are still very much enjoying the game and playing it all the same and if you’re playing it in small, 5-minute chunks every few hours, you don’t need to worry about the energy system all that much, which is nice.

Overall, Pokémon Quest may not have enough content in the long run to keep players coming back for hours on end every single day, but the general gameplay and cuteness of the game is bound to keep fans of the Pokémon series stuck around and even casual players will find plenty to enjoy, without having to worry about getting too overwhelmed at any point.

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