Military Chess

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Military Chess

Military Chess is a free mobile game that has been crafted by GameNexx Games. Well, starting off, it is important that we are aware of what a free mobile game is. That is a game that you do not have to pay for, to download or play. All you need to do is download the game to your mobile phone, and you are good to start playing. About the game developer, GameNexx is a top game developing company that crafts free games from the basic ideology, to their complete versions. One of their best creations is Military Chess, which has some amazing features that you will love. The best thing with free mobile game downloads is that they do not cost you a dime.

About the game

Military Chess falls under the category of board games, which require skill and accuracy to play. Generally speaking, the game is chess that comes with a military theme, the reason for its name. It has good graphics, with great quality and crisp pictures which you will love while playing the game. Unlike other games, I would say it is challenging, in a nice way, which makes it fit perfectly as a mind-game. You need to be careful how you play, or else you will lose the game. It offers some flexible playing options where you can play with family and friends from your device.


Simple movements and controls

The military chess game has simple movements and controls, which I think are perfect for playing. Nonetheless, it does not require many skills for playing like other mind games that you may know of. The game has an amazing UI, and the chess board rotates, making it easier for multiple players to continue with the game.

On top of that, you can adjust the board as per the appearance and setting. If you were in the middle of playing, you can undo the last move or alter the setup of the board. All these changes are controlled with a single tap on the appropriate area. You can also zoom in and out to have a clearer view of the board as you play. That is possible by pinching in and out the screen using at least two of your fingers.

Free military chess game

You don’t have to pay for the game when downloading it to your mobile phone. Once that is done, you can learn and play chess with friends and family. Or else, play by yourself on the single-player mode. The fact that it is free and you can play like normal chess on a real board, then you can save up on money instead of buying a chess board set. Moreover, the experience is pretty much the same, only on different platforms.

Military Theme

The game is referred to military chess because of the theme used for the board. It perfectly depicts the color combinations of a military environment, and I must say it blends in fine with the game. On top of that, the game has a spectacular artwork which makes the game look more lively and military cool.

Good Graphics

Graphics represent the quality of the game pictures and its visual appearance. The clearer the pictures, then the better the graphics. It has a 3.8 graphics rating on Google Play Store, which is above average. Well, it might not be the finest, but at least it’s not among the worst.

Two Game Modes

The two game modes that these free mobile game offers are single-player and multiple-player. While the single-player is meant for one, the multiple-player involves at least two players, like in a real competition. The controls are still the same, and you can decide on the layout of the board and sizing as you start your match.

Lovely gameplay

Gameplay speaks about the experience you have while playing. It is about the user-interface and the ease to play. If these two factors are top notch, then it means the game has an exceptional gameplay. With the Military Chess game, its gameplay lies somewhere in the middle making it average. The gameplay is rated at 3.0 which pretty much is comfortable, even though there is room for improvement.

Final Word

The Military Chess game is an awesome military-themed game which is easy to control and has two gaming modes. The graphics are fairly beautiful, very vivid images and the gaming experience is above average. As for the developers, I must give credit where necessary for creating such a challenging yet entertaining game. The military theme was also a brilliant idea to incorporate with a chess game.

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