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Evolution Of Video Games With Its Technological Advancements And Its Impact On Society

I cannot imagine my childhood without video games, like most of the kids it was one of the most important activity of my daily routine. As I am a 1990s kid, so PC games were on demand at that time. I still remember the holiday’s time when everyone used to gather at our place and we cousins used to fight for the turn to play on the computer. Those were the memorable days. From the day video game was introduced it has evolved into a more thrilling and challenging games of all time. Latest technology has made it more joyful for the players and with virtual reality games one can get the feeling of playing in the actual real world situations.

But now the questions arises is, “Who introduced the video games and why?” Well, according to few people William Higinbotham was the one who introduced video games to us and Tennis for Two in 1958 was the first video game ever created. Little reminder he was the first person who introduced nuclear bombs to the world, so he gave one destructive and one joyful gift to the world. Tennis for Two was a hit and people used to line up to take their turn to play the game. And the reason why it was invented was to show the world that science can bring joy in everyone’s life and it’s not all about war and destruction.


Today video gaming is a industry of more than 100 billion dollars and nearly every home has few members in it who plays these videos games regularly especially kids. Video games have been around from decades and evolved from arcade to home consoles to handheld consoles to mobile phones. Let’s go through the brief history of the video games.

THE EARLY DAYS: The early days of video games goes back to 1950s when researchers began to develop simple games and simulations for fun. Those games were played mostly on computer but till 1970s or 1980s video gaming did not reach mainstream popularity.

LAUNCH OF HOME CONSOLES: After 1970s Video arcade games and consoles using joysticks, buttons controllers along with graphics were launched for the people and it was a blast. After 1980s video gaming became the most approachable and famous form of entertainment. In 1997, a home console that had joystick and cartridges which played multi-colored games was introduced by Atari. Few milestones of the 1970s and early 1980s were the release of Space Invaders arcade games in 1978, introduction of Activision in 1979 and my favorite Donkey Kong or in simple words Mario character game.


fifth generation of video games was introduced in the three dimensions and it was the beginning of new era of video gaming. In 1995, company Sega brought revolution to the industry and introduced the console that played on CDs rather than cartridges, this move was to beat the creation of Song PS, but it did not happened and Sony was dominating the industry and introduced playstation2 in 2000 and it was the best selling console of all time.


Before 2005 Sony was dominating the entire industry with the best selling playstation2 but after 2005 and in 2006 it faced the rivalry as Microsoft launched its XBOX 360 and Nintendo introduced Wii and these kicked off the modern age of high standard gaming experience. Towards the end of the decade, video games were introduced in social media platforms like Facebook and new innovative mobile devices like iphone.

In 2016, Sony introduced a more powerful version of playstation, the Playstation4, the first ever console which was capable of 4k output and in 2017 the rival Microsoft introduced the Xbox ne X with 4k output. With their new generation consoles, now both the companies are targeting to revolutionize the gaming industry by introduction of virtual reality gaming experience.


The technology has completely changed the way video games are played. Nowadays we can get the real world experience in the virtual reality games and the future of the gaming is even brighter and there is a huge scope of innovation in this field. Some of the most famous advancements of gaming industry which are prevailing nowadays are listed below:

1 FACIAL RECOGNITION: This facial recognition and 3d scanning can make anyone more interested in the game as you can develop the character which you like. In this feature you can create a custom avatar that looks just like you or you can create a avatar which looks good for you and makes you more interested to play the game. I have enjoyed it myself. In the temple run game we had the option to dress the character according to our choice or give different identity to that avatar and it was very interesting. Every time I used to play that game, first thing I used to change the look of the character. Apart from this, now with Intel Real Sense Camera emotions of the player can also be detected means if grimaces are seen on the screen then the system will automatically lower the difficulty level of the game, this is good for the beginners.


Nowadays everyone has become so lazy and wants everything on their desk without putting any efforts. Food is delivered by Uber eats, job work is done at home on laptop screen and gaming industry is no less. Companies knows better what their customers need and for the people who are too lazy to even stand up and play the video games, companies have introduced the voice recognition feature. Though voice controlled gaming has been around before also but with the advancements in the technology now finally gaming systems has caught up to reality and now smart devices are able to recognize the voice command of the player very easily. The various work that can be done with voice recognition in the gaming system are turning on and off of the console, voice command to control game play moves, chat on social media like that in pubg game or simply talking to the gaming system. It will be interesting to see what innovation can be brought in the voice recognition feature.

3. Gesture Control.

You want to get rid of the controller, are you tired of handling the joysticks or remotes continuously for hours? Do not worry, now you can control the video gaming by the gestures of your hands. Intel Real Sense Technology allows you to interact with your device with just a few movements of your hands and elbows. The 3D camera first track the 22 separate points in your hands and then gesture control allows you to play the game perfectly with the waves of the hands and its like playing the game with the natural body movements. For instance, in my free time I like to play the tennis game using the gesture control, it is very easy and I get the feeling like I am playing the game in the real court. There are many options available, either you can play with the device or you can ask your friend to join you in and it is actually fun. Well, this feature is not yet developed fully as there are majority of games which cannot be controlled by the gesture control but it will be interesting to see what gaming researchers can bring in this industry.


This industry has come a long way from 8 bit graphics to today’s reality based graphics. Who knows in the starting that one day you will be able to see the same real world inside the games. The games which we used to play before were simple and not connected to reality, though they were also fun But now we can see the graphics which look alike to the real world. The game GTA was a great evolution in the gaming industry. The roads, the buildings, the car and the person in the game look like we are actually inside the game and we are the one who is actually operating inside the game. It had the option to dress the avatar according to our own choice and further with the passage of time and updates the game became better and better every time and we can see nowadays the fame of Pubg game amongst everyone which is a combination of amazing graphics and voice recognition where friends can play and speak their friends while playing the game. Human beings are the creatures which get attracted easily by the better looking things and companies have lured their customers by creating and introducing better graphics and reaping a huge benefit from it.

5. High Quality Displays:

Have you seen spending more on their computers or laptops or on television with better color and clarity to get the better gaming experience? Yeah, I did the same, and I guess everyone does because there is so much fond of video games amongst every generation especially amongst youngsters, With big screen and 4000 pixels display and 1080p we can get the best experience in the games. These two things have come along, with the advancement in the games the displays also got updated for better experience. Nowadays people are even leaning more towards the buying of the 3D television screens just for the sake of the video games. Although when introduced the prices of these screens were quite expensive but as the popularity increased and so the customers, more and more competitors came into the industry to provide the better display screens with lower prices than competitors and eventually the prices went down, making this format the eventual standard in the way we watch the games we play. With attractive colors, there is nothing else that can come close.


This feature has yet to go a long way and more innovations are yet to be introduced in this field to satisfy the desires of the customers. It will be create evolution amongst all as with virtual reality one can actually lose himself or herself in the game as it appears to be so real and a person actually feel like doing all the games task in the reality. Still there are majority of the consoles which are not commercially released for the customers for their use as this feature is not yet evolved to that level, however some of the companies are developing the VR headsets displays which are going to grant the gamers a thrilling gaming experience which nobody has ever seen before. It is interesting to watch that how much time the companies will take to commercially sell their VR headsets in the market and it will take years to see the consoles which will give us the experience of the virtual reality In the gaming system.


If you are not a fan of the virtual world and want to experience the gaming in your own living world then augmented reality is your thing. If you are tired of seating in front of television screen or computer screen for hours while playing games then you should try the augmented reality games. Now you must wonder what actually augmented reality is. Let me explain it you in simple words with an example. If you sitting in your courtyard and you have no one to play with then with augmented reality you can play table hockey in the lawn with the computer player in the natural surrounding and believe me it will be a great experience for you. You can even play the puzzles mapped out via obstacles in your lawn. So it Is better alternative for the person who is bored of playing for whole day in the room.


I think advent of the smart phones have completely changed our lives, not just in the way we interact with people but it has also changed the way video games are played. Now the gaming experience has taken out of the arcade and consoles and the four walls of the room and given to us in the palm of our hands. Now there are no restrictions, before in order to play the games we had to sit in the room and sit in front of the big screens to get the experience of gaming. But now even when we are walking outside or taking a subway we can enjoy the games. Mobile technology has made the love for the games to spread beyond the hardcore console gamers and online gamers. Majority of the people if asked will prefer to play the on mobiles as it is convenient for them. However, still there are some diehard fans of console gaming which prefer to play the games on the screens but without a doubt mobile gaming has completely changed the way gamers play the games.


It has recently become more popular. Well I have never done it but I have seen my friends streaming live and thousands and even millions of people viewing it. You all must have heard about Pubg right? While playing the game, gamers go live and there moves in the game and their voices can be heard in the video and I got surprised when I saw the number of people who were viewing those videos, the number was huge. Much like similar movie streaming services, the ability to stream video games is becoming more and more popular every day.


Children and adolescents are the groups which are most vulnerable to the games. As this is the early stage of development and they are more curious to try out new things and because of fewer burdens at that stage they are poised to get more attracted to the games. The impact of the games on children and adolescents whether it is positive impact or negative impact completely depend on the behavior of the child. There are many research’s that are done on this topic, some believe that it increases the cognitive power of the children and make them more creative and coordinative, while others believe that it create violence incidents amongst the youngsters as they try to imitate the moves that they make in the games. Both the positive impact and advantages of games and negative impact along with demerits will be discussed in the coming paragraphs.


Well, most of the people especially the parents believe that the games have negative impact on their child, but many researchers have proved that games develops the cognitive power of the children and there are various positive impact of the games on children. Some of them are discussed below

1 Better Problem Solving Techniques:

It is not an essay job to play video games. Going from one level to another needs problem solving techniques and many strategies which need to be implemented especially in action games. Video games with maze world and many characters require players to analyze every move that they make and even tackle the risk to lose the whole game. So, logical thinking and properly analyzing the situation is the priority in these kind of games. Apart from that there are many puzzle games also which children play which help their mind to grow and enhance their thinking power.

2. Better Social Skills:

Most of the children play video games online with their friends and even sometimes with strangers also. So, it helps to communicate with stranger and become better at socializing. Even when they play with children across the world they tend to learn new languages and it increases their confidence level. I have personally seen my classmates also who played games, they were more confident as compared to another children In the class.

3. Learn to work in teams:

When playing games with friends as a same team, kids coordinate with one another and they play as a team which helps them in group studies also and group projects also because they gets comfortable with working in teams at the early stage of life.

4. Increased concentration and goal setting:

In video games there is a destination where a child needs to reach In order to finish the game. For instance, in puzzles a child knows that he or she needs to complete all the riddles in order to complete that puzzle, so for them the goal is already there. Knowing their goal makes them more concentrated towards the task which increases their ability to concentrate. So, if they apply the same in studies and they know their goals already then it will help them to reach it.

If all the tactics and abilities that a child learn in the games are applied to the real world situations and in study area, then no doubt he or she will be able to give excellent results and it will definitely increases their efficiency.


Every coin has two sides and it completely depends on the user how they are using it. Sometimes, Videos games may confuse reality and fantasy and it becomes hard for a child to differentiate between the both. Videos games can make a child violent as he loses the power to differentiate between games and real world. Many games are there which depicts more violence which adversely affects the mind of the child. As he sees brutal killing and deaths in the games, he becomes used to it and in adolescent age he performs the violence in real world either in classroom or in outside world. It has proves in many researchers that games make children more aggressive. Moreover, many children become isolated from the world, they tend to spend most of their free time in playing and hence become socially isolated which is not good.

So parents should keep an eye on their children and excessive use of video games should be prohibited in homes and outside games should be promoted.

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