Dead Trigger

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Dead Trigger is a slightly older mobile game, available on both iOS and Android devices, where the zombies have taken over and you’re going to have to use your twitch-shooting skills to get the job done. The game was originally released on the 26th June 2012 and was developed by Madfinger Games, who eventually went on to create a direct sequel to Dead Trigger, called Dead Trigger 2.

In Dead Trigger, the world has gone completely upside down. The dead now walk the Earth and almost nowhere is safe for you, so you’re going to have to shoot your way out of any trouble that comes your way, but with how many different weapons there are to use, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about. At the start of the game you only end up against the basic zombies that can barely move, do some shuffling, and have an insatiable appetite for people. As things develop, however, you’ll start to go up against more deadly, faster, and stronger zombies to keep things interesting.

Depending on the mission you’ve selected, your sole objective won’t be to simply shoot as many zombies in the face as you can manage. Instead, depending on the mission chosen, the objectives will involve you reaching a certain point, saving a hostage, or simply shooting as many zombies as possible. While the game is only a single-player experience, it typically has a lot of different content for the casual and hardcore fan to sink their teeth into, without having to worry too much about the game getting too stale at any point.

Aesthetically, despite the game being nearly 6 years old at this point, it still manages to be one of the best looking mobile games out there, even to this day. The weapons have high detail fidelity, and the zombies manage to look both good and somewhat terrifying as well. Again, everything doesn’t look quite as good as the sequel, but the game manages to hold up really well, even after all of this time.

With Dead Trigger, there isn’t much variation with the gameplay, which is understandable, due to the fact that it’s an FPS title. With this in mind, however, Dead Trigger can get a little tiresome at times if you spend hours upon hours on the game, grinding out some extra resources. So, for anyone that’s looking to pick up Dead Trigger, they should be made aware that playing the game in small, 30-minute chunks is probably the best way to go, to stop yourself getting too tired of it too quickly.

Overall, Dead Trigger is a really fun FPS game that if you don’t force yourself to play will remain fun for a very long time. A lot of effort has gone into this game, so it’s no surprise that the overall experience and fun factor of the game has lasted over 6 years and counting.

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