Angry Birds: Space

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Angry Birds: Space is a mobile game, available both on iOS and Android, and revolves around the catapult gameplay of the original Angry Birds games, just in space. With Angry Birds now being up in space this time around, they have to fling themselves into the pig’s buildings with the absence of gravity, meaning all of your skill and arc-trajectory from the original games may not pan out quite so well when it comes to Angry Birds: Space.

For anyone that’s played an Angry Birds game before, they are bound to know how the formula go. You have a slingshot and must fire your unique, little bird into the pig’s structures, destroying them into a million different pieces for a high score. This time around, however, since you’re in space there is absolutely no gravity, so that funky arc you’ve always used to get the most effectiveness out of a blue bird may not work quite the same, as there is a lot less drop to contend with. What this means is that you’ve got a fair amount of variation when in comparison to the previous titles and it makes the gameplay that much more fun to engage in, regardless if you’re a casual or regular player of the series.

With each level you successfully complete, you will be rewarded with your high score and a star grade, with each level having a maximum of 3 stars to obtain in total. Some of the most addictive natures of this series has sprung back to life with Angry Birds: Space, all because of the fact that you can link the game to certain accounts and see just how well a friend did on a certain level and whether or not their score is better or worse than your own. By any chance that it is better, it becomes all the more reason to really try and beat them once and for all with that level and even enjoy the possible camaraderie that comes with the constant competition between you two.

A nice feature of the game has and always will be the visuals and that hasn’t changed this time around either. All of the birds and the pigs are all nice and vibrant in terms of their colours and it makes playing the game quite a visual treat for your eyes from start to finish – that is if you ever manage to finish the game; without how many levels there are, that might be easier said than done.

Overall, for anyone looking for another great Angry Birds game to sink their teeth into, this is definitely the one to do it, as it provides plenty of variety that some of the other games just don’t provide. The game can be downloaded completely for free on both iOS and Android and can be enjoyed by all ages!

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