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All You Need To Know About Air Striker- The Game

At some point all of us in the current generation have interacted with gaming. We love playing games on our phones to pass the time. Parents often wonder about what we are doing online from dawn till dusk when we are not hanging out with our friends. Initially, the amount of memory required to store a game in a device was too big to fit in the microprocessor of a mobile phone. However, with time, advancement in technology and a lot of time spent in a research lab, the needed memory was significantly reduced. The fact that human beings live communally has also helped since when one person knows how to make games, others can learn from the person.

Evolution of gaming

The one constant thing about gaming is the addiction to it. Just as super Mario was addictive in the past so is Roblox. The people who create these games have acquired the business acumen of making the games a commodity. They are simply trading on the obsession people have towards games. In the past the games were simple enough and did not take a lot of memory in the Pentium II machines or other similar machines. The elements in the game play were however based on tough commands used in a clever sequence. They later progressed into a little more advanced game in that the games featured mixed decent stories with continuity. The turn of events came much later when games incorporated role playing which was determined by the player. People became aware that they could make games that were adaptable. This realization brought about the commercialization of games.

The business world found out that with the adaptability of the games, anything in the real world could be simulated. This allowed the players to enter into the fictional world of books and movies and to play out the specific roles in the books or movies. They also found out that the replay aspect of gaming was another gold mine that was ready to be exploited.

Throughout the evolution of gaming, the money minded people behind the games have pushed game creators towards making games that can be installed on any device. They however had to start from somewhere and making games that could be installed on mobile phones was the initial step.

Games in mobile phones

The games creators started with simple games in simple phones and gradually improved the games just as their predecessors did with the games in computers. The initial games did not take as much memory as the current games that are installed in the modern mobile phones. The phones and other mobile devices that are currently in existence have the capacity to handle game data in larger chunks than the earlier phones. They are therefore able to replay a game played on them. One of the more advanced and entertaining games you can indulge in on your phone is:

Air striker
This is a game that can be played on line as well as on your smart phone. It was created by air shooter and everyone who is obsessed with planes should have it. The good news is that it is one of the few plane-based free mobile games. This means that it is available for free download to your android device. In the creation of a game such as air striker, the inventor had to have a few things in mind. They are the factors that determined how air striker came about. Some of the things were:

  • The target audience

Air shooter had to make sure that the target audience was as big and that at the end of the day they would be willing players ready to download the game. It was also necessary to make sure the game could be played by as many people as was possible all over the world.

  • Whether to make it a free application or a priced app.

Air striker was better suited as a free application because of the widespread nature of the market. The creators needed to make money and the game would eventually make them the money as one of the free mobile games or one of the priced one. It was better to set it as a free application because it would draw people faster. People like free things.

The free apps in most cases lead to android game reviews. People have something to say about the free things they get online. Free mobile games make the creators some money from selling the updates in the game. They entice you to download them since they are free. Once you are obsessed with the game and cannot picture the next minute without it, they begin displaying clauses on the screen of your computer or android device. They convince you that you need some specific tool or weapon for you to win a particular level. Since most of the time the player is obsessed, he or she will not hesitate to buy.

Thus the point of making the game a free application is to lure people in who will eventually pay you for the updates as well as other small things. Buying the additional parts to unlock the extra features may not be in the plans but this is no cause to worry so much because, there are people who get the entire air striker game at a price. Android game reviews contribute towards many people choosing to buy what you are offering because the can easily make or break your brand’s reputation.


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